CNY Dinner 2020(2020-02-14)

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We're having a different CNY celebration this year. That, we had our dinner in on of colleague's house. The event provided an opportunity to share feelings and generate power. There is an endless amount of happiness when colleagues get together! To complete this event, all of us had divide job to fulfill needs'. There're some of colleague prepare food, while some prepare the BBQ need, and there is few of colleague being "supporter".

今年我们来个不同的新年活动。 我们到同事家吃晚饭。同事之间聚餐是交流情感的平台,是释放能量的方式。同事们相聚一起,有数不尽的开心,讲不完的快乐!为了完成这个活动,我们所有人都有分工以顺顺利利进行活动。 有的同事准备食物,有的准备BBQ,当然也少不了同事为其他同事加油。