Sharing Conference(2022-09-22)

Venue: IPS Ground Floor Meeting Room

Sharing is caring. Our company held the first sharing conference to strengthen relationships among colleagues. During this sharing session, all the HOD of each department had shared their experiences and knowledge to us. At the same time, Company had release the Purpose, Vision, Mission, Core Value, Slogan. These may give staff a clear path that lead us to follow on.

分享是关爱, 我们公司举办了第一届公司分享大会以促进同事之间的感情。在这个分享会里,我们会分享自己的经验和知识。同事之间互相学习,增广见闻。今天的自己一定比昨天更优秀! 除此之外, 公司也公布了宗旨、愿景、使命、核心价值以及口号。这也许能让员工同事们更加清晰的道路,并引导我们继续前进。