M&R 30th Anniversary Banquet(2022-10-09)

Venue: Bakri Junction Ballroom Sdn. Bhd.

M&R Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. celebrated its 30th anniversary with a banquet. Wish M&R will keep innovating and navigating in the future. We believe that M&R will carry on growing steadily and healthily! During the banquet, our company also provides assistance to avoid technical problems in order to ensure that it runs smoothly.

M&R Manufacturing Sdn.Bhd 举办了成立 30 周年的宴会。祝愿M&R公司未来的创新不止,扬帆起航,我们相信M&R公司必定会继续稳步持续健康的发展! 为了使这个宴会能够顺利进行,我们公司在这个宴会中给予了帮助以避免一些技术上的问题。