AWS Event(2022-11-09)

Venue: AWS Malaysia Office, The Pillar Boutique Office

It is an honour to be invited to AWS Event in KL Eco City. By joining this event, we could strengthen and enhance knowledge and the latest cloud trends, which may guidance on how we can Build Business on Cloud. Never ending of learning, every day shall better than yesterday. Even though there is just only 1%.

很荣幸受邀参加在吉隆坡Eco City 举行的 AWS 活动。 通过参加此活动,我们可以加强和增强知识以及收取最新的云趋势,这可能也将指导我们如何在云上构建业务。 学无止境,每天都比昨天更好。 尽管只有1%。