GMedia Iconic Night(2023-03-16)

Venue: Genting International Convention Centre (GICC)

First Award in 2023 - G Forty Top 40
It's another achievement for us in this year
With winning this award not only bring honor and rewards but also many other benefits for individuals and organizations, which are of great significance to personal and organizational development. The main aspect we can motivating oneself and the the others, to continue working hard to reach another better results. Winning this award, we might get increase recognition in market, it making easier for other to be known and trusted.
This not a last stop for us, we'll continue to be more success in future.

2023年的第一个奖项 - G Forty Top 40
获得这个奖项不仅为个人和组织带来荣誉和奖励,还带来其他的好处,对个人和组织的发展都具有重要意义。 我们主要也可以激励自己和其他的同事伙伴,继续努力以达到另一个更好的结果。 赢得这个奖项,我们也能在市场上获得更多的认可,或更容易让他人认知以及信任。