Funbies X CLY Glasstech Experience Hub(2023-07-23)

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Funbies X CLY Glasstech Experience Hub is open! We were invited to attend this grand opening event and witnessed this exciting moment together, the first unmanned smart furniture and glass experience showroom in the Malaysian furniture industry co-founded by CLV Group, Funbies and CLV Glasstech. The unique and groundbreaking furniture experience center is designed to provide customers with a comfortable and stress-free tour experience and only to meet modern people's pursuit of a high-quality lifestyle. Visiting the Funbies We believe that you can bring unique and pleasant experiences to our customers and create a life of comfortable furniture.

Funbies X CLY Glasstech Experience Hub开业啦!我们受邀参加这盛大的开业活动并且共同见证了这激动人心的时刻,由CLV Group ,Funbies 和 CLV Glasstech合作创办的马来西亚家具业内首家无人智能家具和玻璃体验式陈列室。独具一格开创性的家具体验中心为了提供顾客舒适且无压力的游览体验,只为满足现代人为高品质生活方式的追求。参观 Funbies X CLV Glasstech 智能人工智能家具和玻璃体验展厅是很奇特的体验,因为整个展厅中都是音频传感器应道顾客,在没有销售助理在场的情况下所提供的新颖而现代的展览体验。我们相信您们能为客户带来独特愉悦的体验,开创舒适家具的生活。