Little Master Malaysia : Malaysia Book Record(2023-08-02)

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We, IPS Software Sdn. Bhd. would like to sincerely congratulate Little Master Malaysia for winning the Malaysia Book Record award. This is a gratifying achievement and a great recognition of Little Master’s tireless efforts and excellence. Your hard work, talent and dedication are fully reflected in this award. Your persistence and enthusiasm have earned you this honor. It is recognition of your long-term contribution to this field and a reward for your continuous pursuit of excellence. Congratulations to Little Master for reaching a new milestone.

我们IPS Software Sdn. Bhd. 由衷地祝贺Little Master Malaysia获得了Malaysia Book Record的奖项。这是一个令人高兴的成就,也是对Little Master不懈努力和卓越表现的充分认可。您的努力、才华和奉献精神在这次获奖中得到了充分体现。您一直以来的坚持和热情为您赢得了这个荣誉,是您长期以来在这个领域中所做贡献的认可,也是您不断追求卓越的奖赏。恭喜Little Master进入崭新里程碑.