Nan Yang 100(2023-08-18)

Venue: Lucky Palace Restaurant Seremban 2

It is a special moment for us, IPS Software Sdn. Bhd., to receive the Nanyang 100 award. We are extremely proud and excited to receive this award. Because this award not only recognizes our outstanding performance in the industry. It is a recognition of each of our team members, partners and customers, and is the highest honor for our joint efforts. Our success is not a coincidence or an accident, but the culmination of the hard work and dedication of every team member, the accumulation of wisdom and experience that makes it possible. As the saying goes: "A strong person is not strong. No matter how strong he is, he is still a sheep. A strong team is strong. When united, he is a wolf." We will continue to maintain our original aspirations and strive to create more innovation and value for our customers. This award motivates us to keep moving forward and continue to write our own success story. We firmly believe that as long as the team works together, the future will be brighter and the achievements will be more brilliant.

这是一个特别的时刻,我们 IPS Software Sdn. Bhd. 获得了南洋100的奖项。获得这个奖项我们的心情是感到无比自豪和激动的。因为这个奖项不仅认可了我们在中业内杰出的表现。它更是对我们每一位团队成员、合作伙伴和客户的认可,是我们共同努力的最高荣誉。我们的成功不是巧合或偶然的,而是每个团队成员辛勤奉献的结晶,是智慧和经验的积累,使之成为可能。正如俗话说:“一个人强,不是强,再强也是一只羊,团队强,才是强,团结起来就是狼”。我们将一如既往地保持初心,致力于为客户创造更多创新和价值。这个奖项激励着我们继续前进,继续书写属于我们的成功传奇。我们坚信只要团队团结合作,未来的道路将会更加光明,成就将更加的辉煌。