JCI Muar Run(2023-08-30)

Venue: Tanjung Emas Muar

JCI Malaysia holds a run called the JCI Muar Run. This is not only a run, but also a gathering with like-minded young people. This event brings together young people full of passion, innovation and social responsibility. Take the first step with the International Youth Chamber of Commerce. A healthy body and mind starts with you and me. Run out of youthful vitality and run towards your future dreams! A dynamic and fun adventure is about to begin.
国际青年商会举行了一场名为JCI Muar Run的跑步。这不仅是一场跑步,更是一次与志同道合的年轻人相聚。这次的活动汇聚着充满激情、创新和社会责任感的年轻人,跟着国际青年商会步伐踏出第一步,健康的身心由你我开始。跑出青春的活力,奔向未来的梦想!一场充满活力和有趣的冒险即将展开。