LauSincere Luxury Wheels Marketing Sdn. Bhd. Grand Opening(2023-11-21)

Venue: Johor Bahru, Johor

Congratulations on the grand opening of your business! Wishing you immense success and fulfillment as you embark on this exciting new venture. May your business thrive and become a beacon of prosperity in the community. Cheers to the beginning of a remarkable journey! During the event, our team had done some support such as guidance to guest on register as member in website, and others.
恭喜贵公司隆重开业! 祝您在踏上这一激动人心的新事业时取得巨大成功和成就感。 愿您的事业蒸蒸日上,成为社会繁荣的灯塔。 为非凡旅程的开始干杯! 活动期间,我们的团队做了一些支持工作,比如指导客人在网站注册会员等等。